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Go out for a walk: Site

Working as a “virtual showcase”, website development has a bigger goal than just displaying information to the user. It increases internet visibility, credibility, and professionalism. In addition to assisting in sales and customer relationships.


Client: Go out for a Walk

Goal: Travel blog with travel stories and Travel services

Project from: 2019

Website Link: Click here

Go out for a Walk: Brand Management

More than ever, your company’s communication can make you closer or further away from your customer. Brand Management will take care of all your communication, from branding to marketing actions. With market studies and data analysis, we find opportunities, create strategies, run campaigns, and always work hard to achieve the goals and challenges!


Client: Go out for a Walk

Goal: Management of Company Communication, including identity, Social Media, Website, printed materials, and others. Creating arts and texts to publicize the company, its services, and its values

Project Start: 2019

Project Links: Facebook, Instagram, Website

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